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Deanna Deveney

Director of Communications and Government Affairs - Government

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An experienced attorney, Deanna Deveney has a track record that demonstrates her capacity to be successful despite the challenging and complicated nature of the issues she has taken on. Throughout the course of her career, she has consistently advocated for individuals who are in need while providing a service of incalculable value to local and state governments across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She possesses a significant amount of professional experience in addition to a robust educational background. Deanna is recognized for her abilities to problem solve, pivot, and prioritize, and she does very well in organizations that encourage cross-functional collaboration and teamwork. Deanna is a passionate cross-functional team manager, and as such, she understands the importance of setting goals, policies, and procedures, as well as the need to work cohesively with a team in order to ensure that deadlines and targets are met. Additionally, Deanna is aware of what effective systems can do to ensure that teams are high performing and creating a high impact.